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Chelsea’s Sanctuary of Hope Society is Located in the small town of Lafayette, Oregon, about 5 miles southwest of Portland, on Highway 99 west.

Invited family and/or friends and their visitors are welcome to come and enjoy an easy, peaceful and healing environment while experimenting with the Rife technology. There is not charge at Chelsea’s Sanctuary of Hope for experimenting with our generators.

The goal of Chelsea’s Sanctuary has been to educate our friends and visitors in regards to the benefits of Rife technology and the basic protocols that address the cause and effect of most diseases. This education will help you to make informed decisions while working in conjunction with your preferred health care provider.

Each of us individually – not our doctors, friends or family – is responsible for our own health. Taking charge of one’s health demands a lot of research – experimental investigation with Rife technology is a complimentary option. It also means following proper guidelines for nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to prevent illnesses from returning.

We are all individuals; therefore, there are different response rates to the same program. A basic nutrition, hydration, detoxification and balanced pH body chemistry protocol is greatly encouraged, along with being supervised by a qualified health care practitioner knowledgeable in treating your particular condition. We urge you to advise your health care practitioners, should you choose to embark on experimenting with Rife technology.

*Please note we do reserve the right to ask any visitor to leave the premises at any time we deem necessary.

Chelsea’s Sanctuary Hours M-TH 9-5 Friday 9-1
293 West 3rd Street
PO Box 401
Lafayette, OR 97127
Telephone: 503-864-9494


Royal Raymond Rife was one of the most brilliant medical scientists of his century. After studying at Johns Hopkins, Rife developed technology that is still commonly used today in the fields of optics, electronics, radiochemistry, biochemistry, ballistics, and aviation.

Because Rife was self-educated in so many different fields, he intuitively looked for answers in areas beyond the rigid scientific structure of his day. He mastered so many different disciplines that he literally had, at his intellectual disposal, the skills and knowledge of an entire team of different fields.

Rife ignored debate, preferring to concentrate on refining his method of destroying tiny killer viruses. He used the same principal that made them visible to kill them: resonance. By increasing the intensity of a frequency, which resonated naturally with the microbe, Rife increased their naturally oscillations until they distorted and disintegrated from structural stresses. Rife called this frequency “the mortal oscillatory rate”. It did no harm whatsoever to the surrounding tissue.

Today’s Rife instruments use harmonics of the frequencies shown on the display screen. This principal can be illustrated by using and intense musical note to shatter a wineglass: the molecules of the glass are already oscillating at some harmonic of that musical note; they are in resonance with it. Because everything else has a different resonant rate frequency, nothing but the glass is destroyed. It took Rife many years working 48 hours at a time, until he discovered the frequencies which specifically destroyed herpes, polio, spinal meningitis, tetanus, influenza and an immense number of other dangerous disease organisms.

In 1934, the University Of Southern California assigned a team of doctors and pathologists to examine terminally ill or incurable cancer patients using the Rife Beam Ray light device- if still alive –in 90 days. After 90 days of treatment, the Committee concluded that 86.5% of the patients had been completely cured. The treatment was then adjusted and the remaining 13.5% of the patients responded within the next four weeks. The total recovery rate using Rife’s light generator was 100%.

The Smithsonian Annual Report #3776 mentions that Rife’s light device was effective with many other diseases of his time, such as sarcoma, leprosy, tuberculosis and typhoid.

In contrast to the treatment devised by Rife, modern medicine attempts to deal with cancer by targeting drugs to specific cells and tissues that have gone awry. While advances in molecular biology have improved the targeting accuracy, and the newer varieties of drugs are a little less toxic to the body, it still remains that these formulas are not the best solution to eradiating viruses and disease.


Not long before he became ill, Dr. Rife made the following profound (under) statement:
“I hope I have helped humanity some. I am just an ordinary man, doing the best he can.
We are all here to do our part. Each has a purpose as he lives it and thinks it. We need religion to balance scientific discovery, and the material and spiritual roust go side-by-side.
Religion guides scientific discoveries. Religion is a stabilizer. I sincerely thing and believe our Good Lord helps us in many ways to accomplish our desires. This has been proven in many cases where results obtained were from non other than our Almighty God.
The most important thing I ever did was build a microscope. The things I’ve done have possibly (!!!!) helped humanity. I have tried to create and develop things for the good of the Universe. I am grateful to God that he has allowed me to the things I have done.
(end quoting)

Is it any wonder why Dr. Rife was chosen to bring forth a gift of such vast good for humanity?


This information in this brochure/blog is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended to lead anyone away from a qualified health care practitioner. We make absolutely no claims of any cure for any disease. Using a functional generator for other than equipment testing is considered you own personal experimental investigation. We cannot take responsiblility for those who treat themselves. If you have a medical condition, we urge you to be supervised by a qualified health care professional of your choice.

For more facts about Royal Raymond Rife, see the book “The Cancer Cure That Worked”, written by Barry Lynes, at